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Healing You, Head to Toe

Natalie Glynn is a registered and experienced Homoeopath and Naturopath with over 15 years clinical experience. Her qualifications include:

Bachelor of Health Science (Homoeopathy)

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Bachelor of Arts (major in psychology)

Registered with AROH

Member of Australian Homoeopathic Association

Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association

I have had an interest in holistic medicine from a young age, largely due to my father’s influence, a successful chiropractor.

I was first attracted to homeopathy as a healing modality due to this medicine’s capacity to treat holistically. I have always had an interest in how the mind can affect the physical body and realised that the mind set has to be addressed in order for healing to occur. Homoeopathy allows the practitioner to effectively treat on both a psychological and physical level and therefore enables me to simultaneously treat the mind and body of a patient.

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